Codine Solutions

Codine Solutions are proud to announce its release of the latest IVMS and Tracking system. We have focused on key products which are compliant with the Oil & Gas industry and fit your needs. The equipment is installed by trained engineers and is integratable into the BSOC/Government monitoring system.


Our IVMS solutions can be installed globally and monitored from any computer using our state of the art asset tracking and management C4i platform.


We have worked closely with the private security industry and oil & gas personnel to ensure our system focuses on safe driver management, and enables organisations to manage their fleet more effectively and efficiently.

Please call us now for more information and one of our trained technicians will be able to assist you.

Whether it be a fleet of lease vehicles, a car rental company, a taxi firm or simply a private vehicle we have solutions to suit all. 

Vehicle Tracking

Freight Tracking

Sealed trailers and containers have always been an issue for traditional GPS tracking solutions. We use the latest technologies and satellite equipment to offer you a low cost, optimum quality service.

We offer GSM and Satellite based personal tracking. We use the latest devices and smartphone applications to produce a seamless integration to our platform.

Personal Tracking

Vehicle Tracking System Features:

  • Real vehicle tracking system for any fleet size

  • Two way communication with drivers

  • Stop time analysis

  • Speed, consumption, temperature

  • Route control and deviations

  • SMS alerts

  • POI free an unlimited creation

  • Detailed reports

  • Routes

  • Vehicle search by distance

  • Panic alarm facility

Vehicle Tracking System Benefits:

  • Vehicle tracking gives more efficiency to your fleet

  • Driving time control

  • Route planning

  • Fuel consumption reduction

  • Reduction of transports lost

  • Increase employee productivity

  • More productivity

  • Increase the time arrival

  • Vehicle maintenance planning

  • Compliant with the Oil & Gas industry

  • Integratable into the BSOC



Our IVMS can operate on your local cell provider ensuring you can receive the full service. but at a minimal cost.

The Hybrid technology gives you the ability to have full coverage anywhere in the world whilst still remaining economical.

GMS/GPRS Hybrid With

Satellite Backup

The satellite phone with a difference:  you can text, talk and be tracked anywhere in the world.




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