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Codine DP-340 2200mAh Battery

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The Codine DP-340 2200mAh Battery for the Codine DP340 Digital Two Radio.

Why Buy Two Way Radios From Radio Shop UK

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Codine Two Way Radios

Communications & Digital Networks.

Codine are a UK manufacturer of two-way radios.

They have spent the time and research sourcing and creating products that fulfil the end users' needs and offer solutions to a variety of industries.

The owner of the company spent years in the military fixing and working on military radios as a technician before working with the largest security companies in the world installing communication solutions in the harshest of environments.

They have now taken that knowledge and experience and created products which have passed the latest CE and RED testing standards.

The products come with 12 months warranty as standard and a hassle-free swap out service.